Controversial Muscle Builder Banned from GNC

Shock Study: Athletes Gained 5 Times More Muscle vs. Placebo — But Should It Be Banned?

With new prohormone laws recently enacted banning the most powerful steroid-like compounds, bodybuilders are now faced with the reality of using only “average-acting” creatine esters, protein powders, and nitric-oxide boosters.

Yes, over time, these over-the-counter supplements will yield some OK gains in muscle size and strength. However, just “OK gains” (5-6 pounds of muscle per year) isn’t really that appealing to a market of serious bodybuilders who are accustomed to gaining this much muscle in two weeks taking powerful steroid precursors.

Recognizing this void in the current market, a small U.S. company has released a controversial, new premium whey protein mix containing 17 anabolic “growth factors” that’s blowing up the bodybuilding blogosphere. It’s called MONSTER MIX and was specifically designed to replicate the potent European anabolic steroid, Masteron.

So, how is this company, A.N.R. Labs, able to come out with an effective steroid alternative when no other company can? The answer is two-fold:

For one, the company can be aggressive in their Research and Development because their products are only available online; they’re not interested in “watering down” their products in order to get them into sports nutrition retailers. (Did you know the supplements sold in stores like GNC or Walmart need to be “watered down” to be suitable for sale to high school kids under the age of 18?)

Did you know the supplements sold in stores like GNC or Walmart need to be “watered down” to be suitable for sale to high school kids under the age of 18?

Second, their aggressive Research and Development team has discovered a new, patent-pending technology that’s able to chemically isolate several steroidal anabolic isomers and deliver them in an all-in-one whey protein drink mix. The result is a natural product that mimics the anabolic/anti-catabolic effects of the popular European steroid Masteron, famous as a “pre-contest” anabolic due to its ability to not only stimulate testosterone and growth hormone, but also block cortisol and estrogen, which in turn makes bodybuilders who take it “lean out” with incredible muscle density and hardness.

According to one recent study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, athletes who supplemented with the key growth factors included in Monster Mix showed an average 94% increase in one-repetition max bench press strength while packing on a stunning 5 TIMES more lean muscle mass vs. placebo.

We recently spoke with lifters at “The Mecca of Bodybuilding,” Gold’s Gym Venice Beach who swear by the supplement, with users claiming 10-or-more-pound increases in lean muscle mass during their first four-week cycle: A significant amount of muscle considering Monster Mix is legal and does not require a prescription in the U.S. (although you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase the product online).

Another reason why over 1,500 tubs of MONSTER MIX are being shipped out to bodybuilders all over the world per day: It does not aromatize and convert to estrogen like the majority of testosterone-based synthetic steroids. And the end result is a very tight, lean, physique due to little to no water retention.

Monster Mix also does not suppress natural testosterone production like synthetics. In fact, according to a new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it actually increases free testosterone levels, which gives the user an aggressive, take charge attitude in the gym.

Could it be the perfect steroid alternative? You be the judge…MONSTER MIX can only be purchased online for $99.95 per container. For the next 24 hour only, the company is offering MONSTER MIX for just $67 online, with our readers able to get it at an additional 15% off by using Coupon Code: 15OFF

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